Specially designed 1-2-1 appointment system for parents transitioning children into primary or secondary school.
Come and try before you buy by booking an in-store appointment today.

Starting school can sometimes be a stressful time for parents. With our customers in mind, we have designed a 1-2-1 appointment based system. This is specially designed to assist Primary School children (Year 2) going into school for the first time and for students going into High School (Year 7).

We will provide you with your own space away from the shop floor, with your own changing room facilities so you can comfortably try things on and decide without having to worry about anything else.


We work very closely with head teachers, business managers and designated staff members from schools who deal with the schools uniform. During this process we have built up a wealth of knowledge and we use this so you are assured when purchasing your uniforms from us that you are conforming to the schools requirement.


Buying your first school uniform can sometimes be a challenging experience. It is sometimes difficult to grasp all the correct uniform items the schools require, the sizing and measurements are different, which uniform items are compulsory, which colour trousers and skirts the schools allow, what is the correct footwear are just a few common questions we are commonly asked.


We have specially trained staff who will make you feel comfortable and provide you with a shopping experience.

They will have organised everything before your appointment and will have all the various sizes you may require. If you require any special sizes we will be happy to order you these in.

Children grow very quickly, so we will recommend sizes however ultimately it is what the child feels comfortable in and the parents being happy.


This service enables you to avoid the busy periods and the rush of the shop during these times. That is why we have designated slots. We do require a 24 hour notice for cancellations.

  • June, July: 10:00 to 16:00 – Monday to Sunday.
  • August, September: 09:00 to 19:30 (free parking after 6).